Stage 3 Basic Skills

Welcome to Stage 3 Mathematics.

Follow this link to curriculum support by the Education N.S.W.

Alternatively, take the Basic Skills test, from the menu at the left for UTS students, aspiring to be teachers in Primary Schools.

Link to HotMaths.


Hello All.

As has already been indicated in communication to you (refer to emails), the Basic Skills test is an online event. The online activities have two parts.

Firstly, two practice tests are available for you to self-assess to give you an idea how you might go in the actual skills test. These tests are available after you have booked. They can be completed online from any location that has web access. However, these practice tests are timed and you have only one attempt at each! If you go to the web links and have a ‘peek’ at the test, you will have submitted the test! Once you go to the link you must sit and complete the test within the 50 minutes, you only get one sitting per test. So that’s two sittings in total. You cannot save and go back. Please try not to waste your attempts because of curiosity. The practice tests are available as per the attached instructions.

Secondly, the online test, proper, requires your attendance at the advertised lab on the day announced in the email sent. Just turn up on the allocated day/s, show your student id and complete, that’s it! Good luck.


I recommend you set aside the hour to do the prac1 test online, undisturbed by phones, family, friends, children etc. Attempt the test in one sitting.

If you confidence is waning then you can attend the Science Faculty Learning Centre, CB04.03.331.

The Centre operates as a drop in and place of study. So if you have questions you can ask a tutor or just sit and study.

If your confidence is high do the second prac anyway, its good training.

All the best and I look forward to seeing you on the day! Smile

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