Welcome to the MRS!
Please see invigilator.
  • Show invigilator your student card or a photo id.
  • Your MRS will be enabled. ( paper and pen, NO calculators allowed )
  • Take a seat at a workstation and login. Login user id is your UTS student number. Password is your email account password.
  • Open FIREFOX and navigate to ( type into address bar ) mssc.uts.edu.au, and
    • login again to the website, using the same credentials used to login to a UTS workstation
  • From the left hand menu items please complete:
    • MRS - all students (25-50 minutes) answer the few qualitative questions first THEN you will begin your MRS
  • Once complete log off the workstation and place working paper in the box adjacent to invigilators desk, good luck and thanks!
  • You have been shown your result and if you have not successfully passed the MRS please speak with invigilator before leaving.
  • Thank you.

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