Readiness Survey

The Mathematics Readiness Survey, MRS, is designed to assist students make a sensible choice when enrolling in a first year mathematics subject for the first time. The best first year mathematics subject students should attempt is the one they are ready for.

The MRS has developed as a result of research which shows that students experiencing difficulty in first year maths subjects do so because of six main areas. These are:
  • adding fractions
  • indices
  • linear functions
  • quadratic functions
  • functions and their graphs, ex and ln x as inverses
  • exact values (trigonometry)

When encountered in advanced maths courses these topics require students to recognise their presence, context and use. Unpacking these topics 'on the fly' and using them intuitively is often challenging for first year students attempting an advanced mathematics subject.

You might notice calculus is not listed! The reason? Calculus is not a cause when investigating the difficulties encountered by students in first year mathematics. Tracing back through student work confirms that difficulties experienced in attempting calculus relate to the use of the skills listed above rather than concepts in calculus. While you cannot pass ( 75% ) the MRS without calculus, more than half of the questions are non-calculus questions drawn from the topics listed above, with some algebra.

The MRS will not appear on the menu items to the left until you attend the MRS testing room and until the MRS is individually enabled for you. This requirement is the reason you complete the practice BEFORE you attempt the MRS.
Of course this comment does not apply to the PRACTICE MRS tests, of which there are two, (these can also be done from home).

After presenting your student card, the MRS is enabled and then you can take a seat at a workstation and make your attempt. You can use paper and a pen/pencil but no calculators may be used in attempting the MRS.

Thank you,

The MRS testing team.

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