Who is required to complete the Maths Readiness Survey (MRS)?

Every new undergraduate Physical Science and Engineering student ( including BSC/IT AND Comp SCI ) is required to undertake a Mathematics Readiness Survey before session begins.

What type of maths is included in the MRS?

The survey is based on HSC 2 Unit Mathematics and involves mainly algebra, trigonometry and calculus. The majority of the MRS questions cover NSW, Yr10/11, however they are presented in the University style, abstractly. The survey is specifically designed to determine your knowledge of maths concepts that are important for the completion of your first year subjects.

How to I prepare for completing the MRS?

There is no expectation that students will undertake any special preparation for this survey. However, there are two practice surveys that you can complete to get a feel for the type of questions that you will be required to complete for the MRS. These practice surveys can be completed from home, the UTS library, or any where there is a reliable internet connection. Attendance at UTS is (NOT) required (due to COVID) to attempt the MRS, which is now online. taken at the City campus. You will be required to register allocate (mytimetable) for a specific day/time (refer to the email that you were sent about completing the MRS). Information on how to take the survey once students have accepted their offer into their course is also available in the offer documentation or from the Student Office. Further all information regarding registration, location for completing the MRS, and the two practice surveys can be found if you go to Mathematics Study Support Centre and login in using your ID and password.

What is the PASS mark?

15 out of 20 = 75%.

Can I get my results for the MRS?

Yes, your results are available immediately after you complete the MRS. Jason Stanley will be facilitating the MRS sessions and you can ask him about your results once you complete the MRS.

What happens if I ‘fail’ the MRS, do I have to withdraw from my course?

There is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ per se after completing the MRS.

No, you do not withdraw from your course if your MRS results are not satisfactory.
If your MRS determines that you could benefit from some additional mathematics support, the following applies:

The Student office will add 35010 Foundation Mathematics and remove the following, Mathematics 1.

You are advised to seek regular help at the Study Support Centre, which is located in room CB04.03.331
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