4 things to know

Dear Student,
There are 4 important things for you to know, concerning first year university mathematics at UTS.

1. The reason we do the Mathematics Readiness Survey (MRS) is so we can initiate a conversation! We want to meet you and learn about your maths journey thus far and let you know what we value here at UTS.

UTS has a pathway (mathematics).

The pathway supports students to achieve success in first year mathematics. The pathway comes at zero cost to students. No extras! No added time to the length of your degree. No added financial cost. More the 10500 students have participated in the pathway process, it is well proven and it works.
First step is a readiness survey, this lets us know which maths you need to undertake in your journey. The pre-test survey has a threshold of 75% or 15/20. Following your result you will be enrolled in Foundation Mathematics (FM) then Mathematics 1 (33130) in a following semester.
The merit of this decision is it will give you the training you need. We use an elective from the back of the degree program so it means there’s is absolutely no penalty to you. No extra time or money. The pathway doesn’t stop you doing your current timetable except that 33130 are swapped for FM initially then you will do 33130 in a subsequent semester.

2. The Mathematics Study Support Centre is your resource. It is located in Building 4 (Science) level 3, room 331, CB04.03.331. You can drop in and study, use it like a library but importantly there are tutors scheduled to help answer your questions. You can plop yourself down at the desk and ask for help on a   question or topic you are stuck on.              Please use this resource…

3. Dates:
    • ‘Last day to add a subject’, look this up, online search, in the UTS calendar. It is the last opportunity to add a subject…like Foundation Mathematics. If the date passes before you have been to the student desk you will have to wait until next semester.
    • ‘Census date’, look this, in an up online search. It is the last date to withdraw from a subject and NOT incur a HECS/HELPS debt and there will be no record of your participation on your academic record. This means no ‘fail’ on your testamur! This is important as once you pass this date you are committed to try and pass the subject...

4. Revision Topics:
  • differentiaton using the chain rule both with equations and expressions
  • U-Substitution Integration. Harder ones that use the chain rule and involve ‘e’, ‘ln’ and ‘trig’. You will be learning EXT2 (4U) topics.
  • Exact values trig. This needs to be done by sight or recognition. You will be learning EXT2 (4U) topics.

On first hearing about the pathway students hesitate but we have tested 10500 incoming students of the past half-decade and of those approx. 30% or about 3500 students have gone through this single subject adjustment.
Come in when booked and we can talk more with you. The Pathway is the recommended if you have been away from Maths for a long time or are low in confidence. Simply invoke the Pathway anytime, before important dates, by submitting an e-request to the student office, online search 'UTS e request'.

Make no mistake, this semester, 33130 will need your full attention…

The MRS is mostly yr 10 work ( see the mssc website for details of the research supporting the MRS), with 6 calculus questions only. So if you are struggling with the practice tests I highly recommend the pathway. FM will train you the way we want you to do mathematics.

Also, if you click on a few links MRS, etc. on the website there is plenty of information about the process, FAQs etc.

Please be reassured you’re in the right place doing the right course and it will all come out OK.


The MRS testing team.
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