Welcome to the MRS!

  • To do:
    • We are at: the MRS season is closed!

    • Please make sure you have logged in and completed the online practice tests, before you intend to sit the MRS!

    • When you are ready just go ahead ( click on 'MRS - all students' link at the left )...

    • Your MRS will be enabled. ( paper and pen, NO calculators allowed )
    • Take a seat at your home workstation and login. Login user id is your UTS student number. Password is your email account password.
  • Open FIREFOX and navigate to ( type into address bar ) mssc.uts.edu.au, and ( notice the missing WWW ! )
    • login again to the website, using the same credentials used to login to a UTS workstation
    • From the left hand menu items please complete:
      • MRS - all students ( 25-50 minutes )  THEN you will begin your MRS
    • See your mark? 75% or more that’s your confirmation…
    • Once complete log off the website, good luck and thanks!
    • option - email working paper ( working out ) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • You have been shown your result and if you have not successfully passed the MRS you may send an email... ( see Questions below )

  • Once you have completed the MRS, I will move your timetable entry into Activity 01 ( using override )... If you are already in Activity 01 of the Int1 item on your timetable then you have completed or are not required to sit the MRS.

Note: you may find you can do it again, Your first non zero attempt is the one I take…
It takes time for all of the process to occur, the bureaucracy is working hard to keep up, please be patient.
Changes can take up to two working days and if it’s a Friday, then next week!
Please include your student number in emails. I do not reply to private emails, gmail etc, it’s UTS policy!
Use you new UTS email, just contact the student Center if your stuck as far as getting your UTS email up and running.
Questions ? email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Thank you.

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