Interactive - Informal Assessment, an electronic method of formative self assessment or auto-formative assessment.

Interactive Mathematics allows you to explore ideas and concepts using a gaming approach and with electronic assistance

provide yourself with detailed and accurate feedback as to your progress and development.

Try step 1. This is an opportunity to develop familiarity with some basic relationships, symbols and their meanings.

By taking the time to use this level you will participate in an activity designed to help develop memory and

meaning attached to important foundational knowledge. In this game you will always come away with a

complete score - 100%! - Well Done!

Try step 2. In this step any incorrect answers will be used to guide you to further develop your skill by offering

research alternatives possessing the required knowledge. The knowledge comes from repositories pointed to by

a guide given at the conclusion of each game. Just click on a link and you will be taken to a new window which can

be formal, informal or an external web reference; depending on which you choose.

If you master this step you are ready to tackle the formal assessment @ AssessYourself.

Literacy.   This game will provide you with the opportunity to experience the English language in a fun and

novel method as it applies to the meta-language of Mathematics.

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