Research @ MSSC

Research activities coming from the MSSC are mostly, but not restricted to, activities which are:

  • educational in nature or....

  • service based, providing opportunities for other Faculty based Schools to use MSSC resources to collect data around on-line assessment.

MSSC runs a variety of assessment activities during academic semesters, including the MRS for Engineers. The online tools track learning and assessment giving feedback to students about how they might improve their mathematics skills and directing them to a number of resources both internally and externally based on the WWW.

The site also provides innovative tools and activities which allow students to develop at their own pace.

MSSC also provides short-courses both of the intense block type and extended versions which help students to 'fill in' learning gaps accrued over time.

From time to time the University is engaged in cooperative research with partner tertiary institutions. Such valuable research helps institutions form more complete and comprehensive needs and demographic analysis of cohorts, entering universities for the first time. This helps those institutions participating to better tailor resources, courses and teaching to student needs.

- GetSet is the name of one research activity in which MSSC via FEIT has been involved.

First year FEIT students were encouraged to complete GetSet, a very big thank you to those students for their participation in a research activity! Smile

As the MSSC is a mathematics study support centre, persons wishing to form alliances or partnerships which address specific problem solving needs, i.e. real world problems, are welcome to contact the School of Mathematical Sciences which have numerous experts in their respective fields, able and willing to help you successfully quantify your professional sector needs.

Individuals, however whom:
  • have not studied for some time,
  • may be considering returning to university study after a long period of time,
  • are professionals seeking to enhance their qualifications but lack confidence or experience in mathematics,
  • are T.A.F.E. students wanting to successfully transition to University,
  • already are current University students but want to master the topic of mathematics presenting in their field of study,
  • may be prospective school leavers wanting to gain an edge as they approach the Higher School Certificate,
  • just want to improve their mathematics ability at University level
are more than welcome to make contact and discuss your needs and/or to arrange a meeting.
Such inquiries are open to the public as we are here to support your ambitions in the mathematical sciences as an individual student.


Science Study Suport Centre

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